Validation Stage



Let’s go through the process of validation

We don't restrict anyone from applying. If you want to learn more, just fill out our simple inquiry form today to learn more about Acting-A-Part. Then, there are a few steps or stages to become a franchisee.


We will be talking with you about your aspirations for owning an Acting-A-Part school, during this stage in the process we will mutually decide if there is any “business” chemistry.

Rehearsing our roles:

Every performer and director does background study and then, they rehearse together to make sure that the show will resonate with their audience.

If, after our initial try-out, it seems like we can perform together – with you being willing to learn from us and with us supporting you in your school – only then will we conduct background study. This is a mutual study - You need to learn more about us and we need to learn more about you. We will conduct a face-to-face interview and have you visit our theater and studio for further discovery.

Show time!:

Ready to have a part in the stage and screen? Ready to join us for Director’s Boot Camp? If we both agree on our roles and there is a mutual respect for each part, we will issue you your franchise agreement and contracts. Then, we will help you with the process of finding your school and getting ready for your students’ first opening night!

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