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You: Do you share potential revenue figures?

Yes, we offer you a chance to review historical performance information about our operation, a Financial Performance Representation in our FDD, called Item 19. Fill out our application for our consideration of your franchise and we will disclose this information to qualified candidates.

You: When are the Acting-A-Part schools open?


We have required minimum operational hours and weeks when the business can close, but students want to learn year round and we try to be open as much as possible to serve them and earn tuition fees. We offer classes all year round, usually in a semester basis (ie. Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer) Including several amazing summer camps!


You: Can you give me an idea of the start up costs?


Sure, there are some initial costs to get you started. First, our initial Franchise Fee is $25,000.

Right now, we are offering a discount to educators who have experience in teaching and working with students a discount of $2,000 off the initial Franchise Fee. Apply Here

If you don’t have a background in education, that is fine too! We welcome everyone with a desire and passion to be part of the Acting-A-Part franchise family!

Overall, our investment range is between $40,425 and $72,350 for you to invest to open your new Acting-A-Part theater and film school.

If you currently operate your own theater school, it will cost a bit less to convert, about $20,000, which will allow you to re-image your school, buy inventory and materials that we require so that you can join our growing brand and become an Acting-A-Part school.


You: I understand that a franchise has recurring fees and other payments. Can you tell me about Acting-A-Part's fees?


Our Royalty Fee is 5% of Gross Sales, collected monthly, with a $200/month minimum after 6 months.  We may also establish a Brand Development Fee up to 2% of Gross Sales.  


You: Do I have to have acting, teaching or directorial experience?


No, you don’t have to have any of this experience or background. But, we will be looking for our candidates to have certain qualities that include a passion to be in business for yourself as well as a desire to develop your school enrollment. You will have an exclusive territory to build your school participation. Another really important quality that we will look for - and this is absolutely necessary - you need to have a personal interest in working with children.

Whether you have experience or not, you will learn all about running an Acting-A-Part in our Director’s Boot Camp once you become a franchisee. We offer our franchisees a proven curriculum and directing process that works with Acting-A-Part students. Also, you can hire a director if you’d prefer to run the business, managing finance, marketing and advertising.


You: What is Director's Boot Camp (and do I have to do push ups?)


Director's Boot Camp is our initial franchise training program and is required for all franchisees and their directors (if you do not plan to fill that role). Oh, and no, there are no push ups!

We offer this week-long program, 5 days, Monday through Friday, at our Sparta, NJ Theater and Film Studio. We will then cover all aspects of your Acting-A-Part school operation. You will learn how to attract new students, work with children of all ages (and ability) as well as marketing, financial and staff management skills you will need. We will put you in the Director's Chair if you want to fill that role!


You: Where do I find Acting-A-Part students?


We will help guide you in this. First, we will train you in the proven strategies we have used in our schools during Director's Boot Camp. Then, we will continue to work with you in developing students in your territory with Advertising, Marketing and encouraging repeat enrollment.


You: Do you offer financing?


We are willing to finance up to half of your net Franchise Fee for up to one year from your opening at an interest rate of 6%.

If you need to borrow some of your other start up funds, we can advise you on some 3rd party lending institutions so that you can open your Acting-A-Part school.


You: Do I have to build a theater and studio?


No, when we started, we simply leased a facility that was already in our local community. You can do the same if you can find a local theater. Look in your area for some options and we will assist you finalize your selection of the ideal theater as well as help you to evaluate your lease to negotiate a fair rent.


You: How will I select the right scripts and develop costumes?


We have already tried hundreds of different theater and film scripts and have a large costume library that we have developed over the last 14+ years. All of our experience is available for you to develop your Acting-A-Part school.

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